Working While Praising Your Name

The first radio single from Dutybound Servant will be a tune called "Working While Praising Your Name."  It's a true story I wrote last summer while working (breaking my back) in the factory.  I felt like I was at the end of my rope, unable to go on with all the physical labor.  But then, one of my co-workers kept on shouting out "Hallelujah!"  I got to know him, and as it turns out he is the deacon of his church.  Over time it got to be a running joke at the plant to scream out "Hallelujah" during random points during the shift.  But I really appreciated the fact I wasn't alone in my belief in Jesus Christ.  Just when I thought I might quit my job, I learned the lesson to "be content" in all circumstances.  I wrote the song in my head while handling thousands of trailer hitches, and I heard it with perfect clarity for months before finally getting it on paper and finally on a recording.  I'm really looking forward to having you hear it starting in June 2017!  The full album will be out sometime shortly after the single.

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