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A Secret Never Told


A Secret Never Told album coverIt seems incredible to me that 8 years after I wrote "Dance Girl Dance" it finally will appear on a compact disc!  The single has been released since 2013 but it never made it to a physical format until now. 

Beatdrum is a 3-year recording project I started with the release of that single but continued until 2016 with the distribution of the CD "A Secret Never Told."  It has long been a goal to publish albums I have recorded.  Being able to market them digitally on iTunes was nice, but to have them in a real, physical presence is the ultimate achievement, other than hearing yourself on the radio (which I already have done).

The goal of Beatdrum was to record fun, family-friendly 1980's-reminiscent music.  This goal was attained with this album that includes the songs:

  • Don't Tell Me

  • A Secret Never Told

  • Dance Girl Dance (remix)

  • Back To Detroit

  • Empire Builder (instrumental)

  • Made For Radio

  • Good Dreams

I hope you enjoy listening to this music as much as I had making it!

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